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I fell in love through a dream

So Last year I kept dreaming constantly (4-5 times a week) that this one guy keeps trying to kiss me. But in the dream we never get to kiss as soon as we try to lock lips someone either spoils the moment or I wake up….. But now the problem is I wasn’t in love with this person before the dreams started. We have been friends for many years and because of these dreams I started getting feelings for this guy…..Please tell me what the dreams mean and why would I fall in love through a dream

Posted 7 months ago

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Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

Hi, now let me just tell you that I had a very similar experience. Only though we were dating, I think, and instead we were about to have sex, but I woke up. Well I studied for what this meant, for hours and hours, and I think I have a good interpretation for this.

You are, at the moment, needy for a relationship. There’s a missing part of you that can only be found through somebody that is like the person that you fell in love with. You will, one day, find somebody who has the same traits as your crush, and you’ll feel completed. Perhaps you’re missing somebody in your life, and you want them back, but don’t know it yet, so you fill that need in with somebody that you want, but can’t quite have.


have a gr8 day!!

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