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I fell in love with a stranger

All I remeber was me and my friend sneaking into a camp and 2 girls helping us escape from the guards. The guards finally caught us but allowed us to stay for the night so we decided to spend some time with this 2 girls. I only remeber one of them, she had black long hair, oval shaped face and a really beautiful smile.
We were sitting somewhere I dont remember in the camp so I decided to go for it but at that moment I didnt even know her, all I knew was that she was pretty. She immediately rejected me because I was kinda thinking with the dick. the rest of the time we spent together I realised how stupid I was becaused I started to get to knoe this girl and fall in love with her.
Some hours later we went to a restaurant in a pier the 4 of us when she suddenly asked me why I was so bold before so I apologized and replied that I never had a girlfriend nor a first kiss and I was anxious to know how that felt like but that during the rest of the time we spent together I started to feel something more than that, and she just smiled blushing.
It was time to say goodbye so we stood up, I looked at her and realised that she was the prettiest girl I had ever known in all the possible ways and that I was finally feeling love. She kissed me on the cheek and I felt like she felt the same way. After that my frined and I left but all I could think of was Finally finally finally I know I love someone
And then I woke up and felt terrible because it was just a dream

I know I was a total dick at the beginning but Im just a teenager and I guess hormones were the ones talking at that moment of the dream

Posted 55 mins ago

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