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I found Psilocybin laced fruit snacks in the middle of field

So me and a bunch of other people from my school transferred to a high school on the cliffs of del mar. I saw a girl that I had had sex with and remember we had some awkward eye contact (unlike me in real life). I then remember going into art class, and the teacher took us on the balcony and we started having an all out war and I shot a grenade launcher at some kids but don’t know why. Then somehow I got to a baseball game with my dad and I remember seeing some acid-like visuals like walls moving and peoples faces forming differently and my dad and i were just tripping out having the best time,hearing a lot of noise. The next thing I can remember we were on a scavenger hunt (me and some other teens) and we found Pokemon themed fruit snacks that were laced with psilocybin so they would make us trip. So my friend Ryan and I ate them and were suddenly walking on a country road. I started getting a psychedelic feeling again and I remember seeing a biker start to transform into an ugly alien like creature, but unlike my real life public acid trips, I felt no anxiety, I just felt happy. Then somehow we ended up at a pow wow, but it was for only white people, not Native-Americans and everyone looked like Aliens due to the psychedelic fruit snacks. Then I was tripping out looking at my family and that was the last thing I remember before waking up.

Posted 8 months ago

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