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I got in a fight and I DRAGGED THAT BITCH

I had a dream that me and my best were at school but it seemed the same normal day but everything was made and placed differently. In the dream she would get picked on and beat up, people called her a hoe/slut for no exact reason. She came to school with 2 black eyes and a busted lip. I got really concerned and I realized that I seemed to be her ONLY friend she had so I cared about her the most and put her first. Everything went by normally until we went to the cafeteria since it was lunch. There was this weird vent tunnel thing below us like the ones you see in movies where people go through to try to escape a room or something and we had to walk on top of it and slide through a hole to choose our food. It was pretty weird and the lunch line was basically a maze and felt like it was built by El Chapo. Anyways, there were some people that were a few years older than me that I knew went to the school behind me so I decided to be cool and make a joke and said, “How I slide into your DM’s” and they laughed soo that kind of made me feel like I got a good reputation in my dream lol. So then there was this weird short blonde haired girl infront of me and my friend. and I didn’t seem to care about it at first until she started insulting my friend and calling her names out of no where. It happened so fast and I don’t think the both of us even knew her. I thought it was a joke and I had no idea why until she started hitting my friend and I have anger issues and I’m really protective with my friends and family so NOW IM REALLY MAD!!!!!!! AFROGUM, DROP A BEAT!!!! LETS…. GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! so I stepped in and pushed her away and the girl asked if I wanted to get my ass beat too. I laughed because I knew I could body slam her in 0.69 seconds but I told her I didn’t want to fight since it was at school and I’d get “expelled” if people saw what I would do to her. Compared to me, she was like Yoda if he were transgender, albino, and had a mullet made of yellow caterpillar pubes. She kept bugging me and throwing fists in the air and I got sick of it so I thought if I said yes, she’ll leave me and my friend alone. I was like fine then. So little did she know she was like accepting a challenge as a white belt vs a sensei (aka me) in club penguin :) I punched her as hard as I could and she fell to the floor and everyone began to look.. It was like I whacked her as if she were a cockroach coming out of the sewers. I ninjago kicked that bitch and 360 no scoped did some assasins creed shit and got her face all the way fucked up. She managed to get up and didn’t do anything else so I laughed at her face of defeat and was surprised that hitting her felt like nothing. I guess thats what she gets with trying to mess with me. So there was this old saggy crusty lunch lady that dragged me out of there and yelled at me. Tbh she looked like the ghost wedding lady from Insidious with a shower cap on. I just ignored her since I couldnt really understand the words she was saying it was really faint and me and my friend decided to ditch school and go around the city and do rebellious things so I could get her to feel free and happy. I didn’t want her to go home because then she’d get yelled at, her parents would find everything out and get her grounded for like a lifetime. So we went to the liquor store just to steal some chips and the same blonde girl somehow teleported her way there and wanted a rematch with me. So I accepted it like no biggie and I kicked her stomach to the floor and dragged her to an aisle and leaned over a shelf so everything on it could knock her down and it did so r.i.p lol jk dont rest in peace you don’t deserve the peace. just rest in the dumpsters where you belong. After that me and my friend had a good time and laughed alot and thats where my dream ended, it was fun and i still think about it a lot to this day. B)

Posted 12 months ago

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