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I got shot in my throat and drowned slowlt in my own blood

I know that i dreamt something more before the part i remember, but i cant seem to recall what it was.
I remember standing in a rather big room, out of nowhere i was shot in the right side of my throat. As a reflex i quickly grab my throat and try to walk to safety. It was a pretty fatal shot, and i should’ve been on the ground dead almost immediatly, but somehow i managed to half run towards a door and get out. I slowly drown in my own blood as i try to scream for help, there was so much blood, i still remember the taste and the feeling of it filling my mouth. i kept tripping over my own feet while still trying to get help, but there was no one around. The last i remember is falling to the ground, having an out of body experience in the dream and seeing the bullet in my throat, i was dead. Then i woke up…. In the dream i didn’t see whoever shot me, not even a glimpse, and i dont think he/she followed me either. It all seemed so real, it still does. And it scares me because i’ve had a similar dream before. In that dream i walked down the stares, saw a stranger talking to a family member that wasn’t really my family member. Suddenly i was shot in the stomach and fell to my knees and died.

Posted 1 month ago

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