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I got shot in the neck

So, my dream started out like we were on a family vacation at the beach, it was me, my two little sisters and my parents. My parents went out for dinner and I decided to take my sisters to the beach. All of a sudden we are on the beach having fun and somebody in the water starts shooting at us (first it was my middle sister shooting then she appeared next to me and was not the shooter) But it wasnt my sisters in the dream any more it was me, my middle sister, and a couple randoms. So I grab my sisters hand and we run back to our room. As we are sitting there I realize that the door is not locked so I go over there to lock it and as soon as I do it is kicked open and my fiancĂ© and his friend walk in and he shoots me in the neck and I can feel it! I feel the blood and I think he got an artery so i immediately put pressure on it and i see him shoot my friend and sister so i start running for help. Eventually my would stops bleeding so i dont have to hold it but for some reason we dont go to the hospital we go to my friends house and hangout as Im shot? Finally i decide i need to go now or Im going to die and i leave, i call my parents and they dont understand what is going on and I just get frustrated. I end up looking at my neck and it has started to bulge like a blood clot and them bam Im at a different location. With one of my friends who was shot, apparently she was only shot in the arm but it got infected and she dies and Im left wondering what happened to my sister since I thought he had shot a killed both of them. Then I see my fiancĂ© and I ask him why he shot me and that he really hurt me and he just says hes so sorry and he didnt mean to he didnt know it was me behind the door. I asked where he got the gun and he said it was his friends who walked in with him and then next thing I see is someone trying to get the bullet out of my friends arm and then I wake up…

Posted 4 months ago

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