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I had a dream that I was shot in the neck

So, let’s make this a quick question. Here it goes:

A few weeks ago I saw a text that my mother sent to my dad, it went along the lines of her having a dream of me dying. I don’t know the details, and I am not going to ask her as this will result in me admitting to seeing the text.

Last night I remember quite a vivid dream. I was stuck in a game with my entire family plus my neighbours, the game took place in different rooms. First I remember a white room, next we were placed inside of my bedroom. Soon enough my entire family except for my dad had been placed into the next room. I also remember my neighbour being trapped with her 1 year old child.

I could see my entire family through the window, they were in our garden, clearly having fun in the sunny weather. I however, along with my neighbour, her child snd my dad were in danger. People were about to come and punish us for being left behind/breaking some rules. I can t exactly remember why but at the time it made more sense to me.

Soon enough some people came and first I remember they shot me in the neck, then my neighbours and my dad. I remember that it didn t hurt, it only gave me an itching sensation in my neck. The person noticed that I wasn t dead so he shot me 3 more times, after a while I was scared that I would finally die so I fell to the floor and pretended to be dead.

What does this mean?
I would also like to add that I m a 14 year old female and currently it s the summer vacation.

Posted 2 days ago

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