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I had a dream that my mother was visiting.

I had a dream that my Mother was visiting. She was at my house. In the dream I did not realize she was dead although she has been gone seven years. My house seemed unusual and it was like there was a bright white light everywhere. The walls are white but in the dream they were bright and radiant white. The whole place was like a beam of soft white light. This troubled me because I could not figure out why it was so bright unlike my house ordinarily when in normal ambient light. My mom and I were visiting together when she started getting confused. Mom then said she had to go home. I was afraid for her to drive because of the confusion, but did not want to upset mom, who by the way looked gorgeous. I said Mom you cannot drive home, you look very tired and I’m afraid something will happen to you. You will stay here and rest first. Just then the doorbell rang and it was Dad. Dad died just under two months ago but I thought he was still alive in this dream. Dad was very happy and at his best. He was happy to see me and Mom. He said I’ve come for your Mom, I’m going to take her home. He said directly to me that he knew she would need him to come for her. Mom went to the door to be with Dad. They were so happy. mom gave me a hug and then Dad gave me a hug, but it was a real hug, not like a dream at all. I thought, wow Dad gave me the best hug I’ve ever had in my life. They said good bye and went out the door. Just after they left I remembered that Dad had macular degeneration and it was getting dark. He should not drive either. I ran to open the door and I woke up. Oh I thought it was only a dream, then remembered that hug, but it took several minutes to realize that both my parents were dead. I was completely disoriented. In my mind my parents were still alive and I completely forgot that small detail of their death. I loved this dream and had to share it. My parents were happy and had come to visit with me. I love you Mom and Dad. Thank you for coming to visit with me.

Posted 6 months ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

Parents came to say goodbye. The white light shows they are in a good place. They did not want to frighten you so let you think they were still living. It was your way of subconsciously saying goodbye. The fact that you were disoriented is just from lack of good sleep at the time, plus the dream was very believable except for the light. I think they said good bye and wanted you to know all is as it should be. The best hug ever is their love for you. Now you may always remember this last interaction they have brought to you from the light. You may feel comfortable about the place where they exist.

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