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I had a really weird dream about my ex.

I was in some sort of shop that was falling apart & I was with a lady Im not sure what age she was or what relation I had to her, but I seemed to be close.My ex came in,hes talking about some sort of surprise.I asked the lady she said I can go.Next thing I am talking to a man,apparently my uncle but I am not 100% sure who he was. Me my ex & his bunch of friends (males) we are sitting in a field, but, it looked very luxurious like from a hotel or something. I was sitting beside a lake & his friends were sitting between me & my ex. A girl came up, someone I knew very well. They started fooling around & next they lay down together & started cuddling. I felt like crap so I got up and went back to the shop I came from, but to avoid any contact with anyone, behind the counter was a door,I went in there. it seemed so familiar like I was there before. I got deja vu. But I went through the door & in front of me was another which I have never seen before.The room I entered was scary. Walls were peeling & rotting.There was a smell of rot. the floor was dirty, covered in some weird liquid & I am unable to portray in words, what It felt like to be in there.In the corner where two new hospital beds.With two old women.I had to change one of them.I heard my ex talking to the lady at the counter then.After I was showed how to take maggots out of food, but I got a maggot in my finger. I was back at the counter, holding my ex’s hand while my finger got cut open. Thats all I can remember. But its really weird and very creepy.Im not sure what to think. What could it mean?

Posted 1 year ago

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