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I keep having a reoccurring dream. This dream happens at least once..

I have this dream so often that its starting to stress me out. Small elements may change occaisionally, but the main idea is still there. Im doing things in my ordinary life- walking to class, at a friends apartment, in class, at work, etc. suddenly, I feel this weird sensation in my teeth, as if I can feel their roots. They feel loose and sour. Suddenly, a front tooth begins to wiggle, and slowly loosens. As I begin focusing on this tooth, I realize I can pull it out and I do. Panicking, I realize that the one next to it is also loose. It feels equally corroded as the one prior, maybe more so. I keep focusing on it, touching it, and then it too falls out. I begin to panic more, it completely consumes me, and then more teeth begin falling out. I rush out of an apartment, stop walking to where Im going, and the rest of my teeth feel the way the other two did. I can feel them wiggling, almost as if they are trying to escape. I always wake up before the rest of them can fall out. What is happening?

Posted 5 months ago

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