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I keep waking up in my dream and its still a dream but its nightmares

I fall asleep and suddenly I\’m awake like I haven\’t had any sleep but sumthing isn\’t rite it feels like something is wrong like I\’m in a horror movie. Anyway I wake up (still dreaming) and everything is the same but then I go down stairs and everything changes I\’m in places I no but people are running panicking cars crashing planes falling and I go to the people I recognize and ask what is goin on but no body Noes and 4 of us go I to a house but then suddenly they leave and I\’m by myself so I go out side and everything is so quiet u could hear a needle drop then I hear this rumble I can feel it then I see it its a nuclear bomb dropping I see the flash I feel the breez as it coming towards me then I suddenly wake up (still dreaming) everything starts agen but it feels worse I feel even more scared the second time I repeat this maby 5 times at this point I\’m in a state of shock I wake up and I\’m back to reality (the real world) sweating panicking swaying like I\’m drunk slite hilusanations black spots In my eyes it scares the crap out of me wen I go to sleep now has anyone ever had the same thing or could help ???

Posted 1 year ago

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