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I killed my crush, and she attacked and almost killed me.

So I kind of had a dream about this girl that caught my eye at school(who Is named Bianca), and she attacked me. I was in this giant house, and She was holding somebody hostage, and right when I found them, she dragged them away and killed them. And then she attacked me. But I think she just hopped on my back? And this was the second time I had seen her, the first she was black and white and calm. Now she’s in vibrant color and trying to kill me. She was mostly red, though. That was the color that stood out. (The first time) I wanted to give her some red fuzzy necklace kind of thing to go with her Christmas outfit, so the first time I awkwardly stumble into the room, hoping she didn’t see me fall in by the doorway. I walk in to try and give it to her, but she disappeared. The second time I stumble in the room the same way, I think it is my Bianca(who I saw a glance of in color), but my friend Shannon, who is really close to Bianca is there instead. Bianca is like her “leader” or something, and she says not to bother her, because she’s dangerous. I see her walk up the stairs to the room (the house is Christmas themed, by the way), she is shielding her face with her hands, and a bright light hides most of her features. She’s in black in white, and she runs away. Then I go to chase after her despite Shannon’s warnings. I follow her through this Giant chain/tunnel of cardboard boxes, and I find the girl she was holding hostage. And I try to save her, but she drags her away before I could get to her… and then she jumps on my back. Like a piggyback ride. And I think she’s like hissing and screaming at me or some shit, and she’s kind of heavy and it hurts my arms but I’m running around the house. (Not saying that she’s fat at all, she’s really not, she has a great bod, not trying to seem like a weirdo, I hope you get me, I’m just horribly weak.) there are these joke poster things on the wall, which are like Christmas puns, and they’re really fucking stupid, but I ran up the stairs with her on my back and just started laughing. Manically. They were actually really stupid puns. They didn’t make any sense, but I figured if i laughed hard enough, I would win the fight? So I kept laughing, and she just exploded. Popped like a balloon. I have no idea what this means, does this mean that I’m afraid of her? Maybe I think she’s going to hurt me this is strange

Posted 6 months ago

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