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I made out with two internet famous twin sisters

In my dreams, I hung out with these two internet famous twins in my house. First scene was the three of us took a sit in the living room to watch weird videos with them on my laptop. I sat between them. When we came upon this video, in which they were in and I got shocked with what I encountered. So in the video, they were in a house party with a bunch of people and then later on, one of them came out of nowhere with no top at all. I shut down my laptop cause I don’t want to see any of it anymore. They then went home to change clothes cause we were gonna go somewhere. I also changed mine too. When the three of us finished, we headed outside of our houses. BTW they were our neighbors in my dream. So there appeared two vans. They stepped inside this van that was ahead of the van that I rode in my dream. And then when I stepped inside, I saw my schoolmate and sat beside her. My schoolmate suddenly asked me “Hey, they’re really famous. Are you friends with them?” And then I replied with “Sort of?” Then -SKIP SCENE- the twins and I are back in my house again. This time, we’re all in my bedroom. I lied down and the three of us suddenly felt something strange. There was this plastic in my room. It suddenly wrapped my head tightly and I gasped for air as I struggled to remove it. The twins helped me and I made a cross sign with my fingers and pointed it towards the plastic. SO WEIRD. This other twin then went to the living room. I’m now left with her twin. She went to my bed’s headboard and stood up there. I sat up and stared at her for two seconds. I then stood up and went to her. I leaned to her and then started making out with her. I swear it felt so real. I felt how soft her pink lips are. My eyes were kind of opened during the session. It somewhat felt good. I’m also a girl, BTW. After all that, we watched that weird house party video again. Later on, I drove to this place. I saw the other twin at the parking lot of this place and parked my car to go to her. After parking my car, I suddenly kissed her and made her lean against this gray car. I also felt the kiss on my lips but her lips were not as soft as her twin sister’s. AFTER THAT, I WOKE UP. I wish I had that much confidence in real life.

Posted 3 months ago

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