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I marry three men

I have this recurring dream in which I marry three men, all of whom are close friends of mine in real life.

Posted 6 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

Weddings aren’t necessarily good things, especially when it comes to dreams. If you’re attending a wedding then that usually means that you’re in a situation that makes you feel bitter or left behind. You’re lucky for the most part because you’re the bride instead of a guest. I say lucky for the most part, because the three grooms thing isn’t good news. To have more than one groom means that you feel indecisive or picky. Maybe you think that the person or situation that you’re with/in right now isn’t right for you. Maybe you see other options that you want to try before you commit fully to just one. Or maybe you want to have your cake and eat it too. No matter who or what the grooms represent, it looks like your dream is trying to tell you that you need to make a decision about one of them since polygamy is illegal.

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Answered By: Rea Fuhrmeister(1 points Novice)
Interpretation #2

You are disturbed and sexually starved.  You masturbate a lot hence the desire to have multiple sex.

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Answered By: vajoseph(26 points Dream Interpreter)

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