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I shot my boyfriend

I had a dream where I shot my boyfriend in the head. The dream was very crazy. I could tell that most of it had somewhat of a reflection of what I was doing yesterday. In the dream I was supposed to shot this other guy,this was all happening in my own house. I was hiding behind a door and the other guy was too. There was this lady with me and she told me to shot my boyfriend because that is the only way to be able to shot the other bad guy. I guess at that time the other guy and my boyfriend switched positions. I can’t remember if my boyfriend was aware I had a gun and was ready to shot the other guy or not. Without any hesitation I turned around and shot him. I couldn’t believe what I had done but I carried on. I went done my hallway and was one on one with the other guy. I tried to pull out my gun and shoot him but he shot me first. I fired a bullet but in my mind it was like hard to fire the trigger, it was so odd but I barely shot the guy. The guy ended up running away or something. Immediately after I was shot I started to just panic about my boyfriend dying, not about myself getting shot. I remember talking to this girl and asking her what I should tell the police. I started thinking about my boyfriend’s brother and how sad he’s going to be that he has one brother left, which is really odd because my boyfriend is his only brother. That’s when I remember screaming and crying in my dream, I made myself wake up.

1. I think a majority of this goes back to yesterday when I was watching the final episodes of Dexter (I know right, It kinda ridiculous). In that episode a person got shot and kinda carried on.
Also the same lady from the show Dexter who told me to shoot my boyfriend was kinda like a mentor to Dexter.

2. My boyfriend and I get along so well. I mean we relate on everything and barely have any arguments. He’s very nice to me and treats me right. I think personally the dream had to deal with my problems I give him rather than the problems he gives me. I’m sorta of the less trusting one and I’ve broken a few promises.

3. I’m close to his brother and at times my boyfriend has gotten jealous of me sitting next to him, talking, etc.. He told me a couple weeks ago how him and his sister noticed and that kinda got me ticked off because my relationship with his brother is the same as if his brother was my little brother.

Anyways, sorry this was so long I wanted to give every little bit of evidence to help. I’ve looked up a few things about that interpretation of this dream but nothing is helping. Hopefully someone could give me some closure to this awful dream

Posted 1 year ago

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