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I was at the ocean in Atlanta with my family and I giant shark lived in the ocean there.

I went swimming with my sisters, I have four. So before we went swimming, my parents warned me to not go out to far cause I will get caught in the current and be taken out in the ocean. I ignored him the whole time cause I just wanted to swim so I decided to go body boarding, but my sisters were afraid of something in the distance but I didn’t see, so I was bodyboarding and in the distance, there was a buoy with a sign that said in red capitol letters, “BEWARE OF THE MEGALODEN”

The day before in real life, I was searching the Internet on my iPad to look for info for a science project and this thing showed up on YouTube. It said “the second MEGALODEN was found, one to go” I looked at it and it showed pics of a giant shark eating people, coming upbehing scuba divers, and sinking cruise ships.

So in my dream I was boarding went I felt a strong force on my legs and spine and I was pulled out to the middle of the ocean and I see my parents swimming to get me and then they are pointing at me, or something behind me. I turned to see this 20 foot shark with a 3 foot fin and 10 foot wide mouth lunge for me. I dived at the last second and he missed me. There was a gun visible at the bottom and I got it but the shark was still chasing me. I swam but I was slow and it bit my leg and I was drowning. But by then I knew it was a dream so I felt stronger and knew that I could breath underwater and kept swimming. I shot the shark but it did not die this dolphin swam up behind me and grabbed me up to the surface. And went down and bit the shark everywhere it was just about to die wen it swallowed the dolphin and it came for me but died but I didn’t know that so I got super sad and mad and used the gun to shot it three times a helicopter got me and I cried cause it was frightening to see the blood my my rescue dolphin. I fought the guards in the air craft and kept saying no I cant leave him no stop I need to save him but I collapsed and fainted, then I woke up sweating.

Posted 5 years ago

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Interpretation #1

The warning that you received from your dad and sisters reveal how much they truly cherish your well being and would always warn you of any dangers in every step that you make. To dream of a shark, represents a corrupt and ruthless person who is out to tear you down. The shark may also represent some characters and emotions in you like aggression and violence that may harm your mental stability and the peace of those around you. Your parents coming for you in the middle of the ocean signifies the parental love that never fades while the dolphin represents the undying love of God. One lesson that you need to learn from this dream is that despite all the undying love of parents and God, it’s always wise to listen to your parents’ advice and do away with any harmful emotions that might lead you and the people around you into trouble.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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