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I was getting married to my current boyfriend

He went onto stage making a speech drunk. I was wearing my Jordan dancing shoes with my wedding gown. I was very very nervous in my dream. My mum tied my hair for me for the wedding. Some girl in the bathroom I met pissed me off, can’t remember about what. But nothing to do with my boyfriend.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (5)

Interpretation #1

The dream has a happy note as you saw that you love finally culminated into marriage. However, the sad part is that there were a few odd things that happened like your husband making a speech while he was drunk and the woman in the bathroom who pissed you off. So, the main message which the dream conveys that life will be one bumpy ride which you need to take, but do not lose heart as the end result would be something which would please you. So, take heart from the fact that you would finally be meeting the love of your life, irrespective of the roads that you would need to cross.

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2

The dream stage or setting is a stage.  Like a play, a stage is where one puts on performances.  To see you current boyfriend ‘onstage’ drunk at the wedding suggests that if you foresee a future with this guy, he is only playing a role and in the end if you went forward with an actual wedding you would be embarrassed by this choice.  Hairs is your “thoughts” for your hair to be tied, means you are not thinking freely and feel “bound” to think a certain way.  A bathroom is a place where we release, refresh and cleanse.  A place where we get rid of thoughts, feelings and matter that no longer serve us.  In the bathroom you see yourself…and you realize that you would be pissed at yourself if you let yourself be tied in an actual marriage to a man who is not ready for this relationship longterm.

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Answered By: TravelLight27(140 points Dream Expert)
Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

i had a dream that i was in a gown at the doors in the church waiting for my cue to walk down the aisle and my current boyfriend is standing at the alter looking at me smiling. and as im walking down the aisle the people in the stands are gasping how beautiful i was. and they was shocked because my boyfriend finally cut his hair and he looked handsome. when i got to the alter he looked at me smiled and said you are a beautiful amazing woman. and we had the ceremony and we both said our vows which were beautiful and then i woke up before we got to walk out the church. what does that mean

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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

I produce shows, and for the second year, a month before the perfoormance, i have dreams of bad luck the night of the show. one was where there was a huge line-up at the door of a show where i visit a collegue and I find out that he made it my night and none of the performers are there or can be there for that evening. So, am in a panic. That year, it was a success.
Last night, i dreamed that i was busy backstage and could not see people in the venue. But once had a break and I saw that some of the perfoormers were dancing in front of the stage and the crowd was pissed (they were bored) and leaving. A lady I knew told me, it was totally packed until now, and i am leaving as well. plus, the tickets are way too expensive. i was in a panic thinking that next year, noone wouuld come back with such an experience

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Interpretation #5

i had a dream me and my boyfriend were getting married but some of his family members were not happy while others were happy for us then after the wedding we had our rings on my boyfriends ring was gold and it fit him well but my ring was diamond shinning but it was a bit bigger wat does this mean please help

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Answered By: 2020slim(2 points Novice)

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