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I was pregnant, but I had no idea.

I remember being at a thing called CIY, it is a church retreat. One day I started to get pains in my ovaries, which isn’t normal for me in reality, but these were worse than usual. I don’t remember how, but we figured out I was pregnant. I was a virgin, but i remembered having a dream that a friend told me someone and I did do it and I had trouble remembering if this was dream or reality. I wasn’t sure if I was actually pregnant and I went to my youth minister and turned to the side and said what do u think. I wasn’t very big at all. It looked like a small fat pouch people get above the uterus. And she said “ya! She is defiantly coming soon”, but i didn’t even know I was pregnant! I didn’t know what I was having, how did she?! When they said they were calling my parents to come to Tennessee, because i was out of my home state, and all i remember thinking is what am I going to tell them? I don’t even know how I am pregnant! Then when they got there my father was basically in shock and didn’t talk to me. My mom just said he is a little upset. I remembered thinking he hated me. The pains were getting worse as the dream ended. The dream was so vivid, almost like a lucid dream, but I had no idea I was dreaming. Then when I woke up, my uterus and ovaries were killing me! I have had “baby fever” before and it was fine until I had this dream. Now the dream is the only thing i can think about. It was a continued dream from the one of my friend telling me I did it with someone, but I didn’t know who. I have had similar dreams to this, but never this vivid.

Posted 2 years ago

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also, i am not pregnant in reality

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Answered By: Tinkawhile(2 points Novice)

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