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It was nightfall, the wind was whistling and it was pitch black, no street lamps no nothing..

I was walking into my room, when I see a dead black cat on the ground and blood is everywhere. All that’s left is a golden dagger. I run out of my room, and into my sisters room were dad is. He goes “young lady, you’re supposed to be asleep.” and I ran to him and told him about the cat but he did not believe me! So we went to my room…… And the cat was not there and there was no stains of blood. The dagger was under my dresser but dad didn’t notice. He said “Since you lied to me, you have to get sleeping bags for your siblings cause they didn’t get washed.

Just to let you know, my basement is finished but it’s creepy at night in the dark, but there’s this unfinished part by the stairs were the sleeping bags were. So I ran down, grabbed the sleeping bags and just as I was about to run up, this image appears in the far left hand corner in the very farthest from the stairs. It was some sort of life size doll! It had a stitched mouth, neon green glimmering eyes and a dirty stringy red hair. It had two daggers, just like the golden one upstairs, but they were silver. I ran upstairs and my dad hit me and sent me to bed but I got freaked out cause I could see two green eyes under my sisters bed, just across from me, I got a cot and layer next to my door and shut it, I turned around it was open, and that repeated thirteen times until my dad threatened to kill me if I didnt get in my bed. So OF COURSE, I went to bed. It was fine for an hour, until I heard this music box music. It slowed down wen the eyes appeared and so did the doll. He had 3 daggers, one gold, one silver and the other copper. He said “which one do you want me to stab you with”? I said idk but he took all three and stabbed me a jillion times with this grinch smile on his face. I could literally feel the stabbing and a solar sound was just ringing and ringing. I cried until I awoke but I really was crying when I woke up. My older sister had thrown a book at me th night before and my arm was around it with the point in the frog of my throat.

Sorry about how long it was. My dreams aren’t like episodes, they are like 3 hour movies.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (7)

Interpretation #1

You are going through a psychological trauma and that is why your dream is so violent. Your dad won’t believe in anything you say and yet, you are in danger. This means that you need to start believing in your own resolve rather than seeking help from other people. In your dream, you get stabbed and you wake up crying. While this does not pose any serious threat or harm to you, it is an indication that someone close to you is going to be hurt and you need to brace yourself for when the time comes.

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

@Zoltarspeaks this is my dream so way do you mean by someone is going to hurt me, like physically or like not inviting me to a bday party? Please tell me! I’m scared now!

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Interpretation #4

@Zoltar Speaks what do u mean I’m gonna get hurt. Tell. Me! I’m super scared. Btw I wasnt logged in yet but I sent the one above this one. Sry. Come on Zoltar. Tell me! Respond! Help!

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Answered By: PrincessOfDreams(77 points Slumber Master)
Interpretation #5

Why would I help you after you have personally attacked me?
I was only trying to help you. I spent time reading and interpreting your dream, I reached out to you but you go and attack me in response.  

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #6

Wait a minute, on your comment thingy? If it was there, I saw that too. It surprised me. It happened to be my sister when I left the computer to go to the restroom. I forgot to log out and I came back and she got onto someone’s comment bar and wrote that. She even admitted it! So I did NOT write that and u shouldn’t blame me wen it was my little sister. I got her in trouble though cuz dad told us we couldnt rite anything bad. I would never disobey my dad cuz I read the bible and it sez not to so my sister did it. I’m sorry about that, but in the process, she showed me this really cool website I forget what it’s called but it can interpret dreams too. It’s cool

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Answered By: PrincessOfDreams(77 points Slumber Master)
Interpretation #7

OK.. Forgetting what you said i am trying to see your case again.
From your dreams, there is clear indication that in deed you are having a tough time. The dream signifies something bad about to happen to you or someone close to you. However, you may not be able to control it because it seems like the people who are supposed to help you out are all not interested. You should, however not be so scared because from the dream, there are signs that you will not be held responsible for the misfortune. It might not necessarily be physical harm or even death but just a moment of sorrow. You need not be scared because certain things also just occur naturally and you may not have the  potentiality of avoiding them. They will only be a lesson to you so that next time you know what to do when faced with situations like that. 

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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