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I’ve been having dreams that I’m pregnant

Here’s a little backgroung my best friends sister is pregnant I already have a 2 year old and My boyfriend and I have been together for a while now. My first dream I was talkin’ out of a window to my best friends little sister who’s already pregnant and said guess what I’m pregnant at the time in her pregnancy she was in her last few months of pregnancy. Two weeks later I had another pregnancy dream I was in the delivery room having a baby that one wasn’t very vivd I just remember being the one pushing. Then 3 weeks later I had another dream where I was taking a pregnancy test and all 4 tests came back positive and I went to tell my boyfriend and my mom. The weird thing is I have one son and he has two girls I took 4 tests could that be significant? The last dream I had was 3days ago Friday night I had a dream that I was about 5months along and it was a little boy and then it jumped to me being able to hold him and then I woke up. Just curious as to what this recurring dream may mean.

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

To see yourself pregnant means either of the two things. You need to honestly ask yourself if you have been wishing to be pregnant. If it is so, then the dream is arising because of your desires and anticipation. However, if you are in no hurry, then the dream is indicating that the time is ripe and you would love to hold another child in your arms. Hence, the dream is asking you to choose the right path. There is no doubt that you make an excellent mother and may be it is time for you to have another of your child and shower your love on him /her.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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