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Kissed My Boyfriend’s Enemy

Can anyone interpret this dream? I would gladly appreciate any interpretations. Sorry this will get long. I will try to keep this short as possible.

I snuck out of my parents house. I was at my bf’s house. He had a house party with his relatives. It was nighttime, and everyone is about to leave. I wanted to spend the night there. I went to a room. It had a flat screen tv. The video game was on.

My brother and his friend (the one who abused me) went in. I was scared, scared of my brothers friend. I went looking for my bf, but he wasn’t there but I could feel his presence. I needed him but he wasn’t there. I ended up at the garage. I was talking to my bf’s younger self. He was about 6-7 years old, blonde hair. I confided to his younger self, because the other him was nowhere to be found. I started talking to him with an Irish accent. His grandmother was also in the garage. There were no cars in the garage and the door was open. There alot of were people playing ball in the streets.

His grandmother said “Oh hi ———!” (I don’t want to say his name but let’s call hm “J”. J was sitting in the car seat bench in the corner close to the garage. He seemed to appear out of nowhere. He got up, and walked up to me and we hugged. He was a few inches shorter than me. He picked me up and carried me down the street. Everybody (including adults) was playing ball, using a red dodge-ball in the front yard and in the street. My feet were still off the ground. I kissed his lips. It felt soft. Hard to describe. The bottom of my shoes touched his hips. When I kissed J, I didn’t feel any internal feelings. Nothing emotional. No feeling of giddiness. Nothing at all.

Then, I hear my bf’s mom yell “He’s coming back!” Alerting everybody. J put me down, I hoped my bf nor everyone else didn’t see that. My bf got out of his old rust bucket. He wore his 12th man Seahawks Jersey ready to play ball, not aware of my presence.

In real life, J was a guy with anger issues and almost killed a another kid. He was my bf’s enemy. I would never want to go near J with a 10 foot pole. His anger scares the crap out of me.

My bf and I been dating for 3 years and have a good relationship. Why did I dreamt about kissing another guy, let alone his enemy! I would never cheat on him, it felt so wrong. What does that mean?

Posted 3 years ago

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