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Kissing your best friends crush

Last night I dreamed that I was at th capital and that I bumped into my best friends crush (who also happens to be one of my friends brother). So I asked him what was he doing there and why didnt his sister tell that she was in the capital (we all live in a city that is 3 days away, except for me since that very same day I had traveled to the capital because my family and I are moving there). I was wearing the same clothes that Id been wearing that day (a crop top and jeans) and fit some reason I was sort of covering myself with my hands and he just takes my hands, looks at me and full on tries to make out with me. Even if it was a dream it felt very real and it sent sparks flying through me. The guy is really tall and strong so he holds me tight, but I some how manege to brake out of the kiss and ask him whats wrong with him. He just says that he had just realized that I was all he wanted and that he would never have me. Then he tries to kiss me again but I move my face and he ends up kissing my cheek. After that I wake up, remembering everything thing which is a wierd thing since I usually forget my dreams. The thing is the guy was in my class and I really hated him, he would sometimes be really nice to my best friend and the next day he would just be a total jerk with her, they never had any thing and my BFF was getting over him. I mean the guys hot, but he would sometimes be a really big jerk and I never even liked him. And I dream of this just as Im starting a new life at a new place. I need help.

Posted 7 months ago

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