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Im pregnant right now and its my last weeks of my pregnancy and I dreamt about being in labor and having my little girl but then after worlds my body felt heavy and I started to get worry and I was back in my house I was able to look around but I couldnt move my body at all just my eyes and I can hear things so I try to move little by little I started to get movement and I woke up

Posted 12 months ago

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Interpretation #1

This sounds like an episode of sleep paralysis. It is not uncommon and can be very scary. During sleep, our central nervous system sends a signal to the body to prevent us from moving and acting out the movements of our dreams. We would endanger ourselves and wake up exhausted otherwise. Sleepwalkers have a dysfunction where they do not get enough of this signal to fully suppress movement.

Sleep paralysis is the opposite; the signal does not wear off fast enough, and we become aware of our bodies before we regain full control of them. In times past, people used to imagine ghosts or demons were holding them down. Often people dream these sorts of things and it can be very scary. Now, fortunately, science has allowed us to understand more of what is happening. It feels scary but it is nothing to be afraid of. If you are aware enough in your transitional state from dreaming to waking to tell yourself what is happening and that it will soon pass and you are perfectly safe, the fear should subside. The fact that you are pregnant could have triggered the episode, since pregnancy can do all sorts of strange things to the chemical and hormonal balances in our bodies.

You may want to see a doctor to rule out narcolepsy or other sleep disorders, as it is a common cause of these kinds of episodes and it\’s good to play it safe. Sleep disorders can really interfere with your overall healh and well-being and quality of life, not to mention your mental and emotional state as well. Having a child will bring a lot of changes that you will need all of your inner resources to cope with.

Sleeping flat on your back can also teigger these kinds of episodes, as it makes it more difficult for your lungs to pull in air, wheter you have sleep apnea or not. Try sleeping on your side with a firm pillow between your knees to support your hips and lower back. If you have one or can get one, try a body pillow. It may also help relieve joint pain and pregnancy discomfort and increase the comfort and quality of your sleep. This works whether you\’re pregnant or not.

Do some research on sleep paralysis, from a medical standpoint, if you wish. The light of knowledge can drive out the darkness, and with it, often, the fear. It may not happen again, but if it does, you will know what to expect and you will be ready. Just relax into it and wait it out. Focus on deep and even breathing. Close your eyes if it helps and do a visualization to help you relax if you are lucid enough. You can also just focus on trying to move just one small paet of your body, like one finger or wiggle your toes on one foot, and if you manage it, that can be enough to break the paralysis.

For visualization- I like to visualize myself floating on clear, warm water in the sunshine, with gentle, rocking motion to the water and white sandy bottom not far beneath me so I could stand easily if I wanted to. There are sea birds and turtles and colorful fish and dolphins, but nothing that could hurt me. Small waves lap gently on the white sandy shore, and there are no human sounds, no cars, no machinery. I may have a friend or partner there but we are just floating quietly together. That’s just one example that works for me. You can try whatever works for you. Hope this helps!

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Answered By: Lifeonerth(9 points Novice)

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