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Last day of school

I was running back and forth in a small grassy area. I had an exciting feeling that it was the last day of school. Yet in real life it was already summer. Anyway I finished running and some person, I can’t recall who he is but I noticed he was wearing an army uniform, he gave me some pin or medal, which had the pattern of a bulls-eye and reminded me of Captain America’s shield, and said, “You ran the fastest mile.” as I walked away I noticed that I was wearing my Karate uniform and that my lapel was inside out with the pin/medal put on wrong. I remove the pin, fix my lapel and put the pin back on, but when I did my lapel ripped like tissue paper, I went to show my dad of my ripped uniform. Then all of a sudden time passed or skipped some part of my dream and it stopped as I was walking behind my school, I knew i was in school but I didn’t recognize the place at all yet I knew where to go at all times. The walls and pillars were smooth yellowish compared to my real school’s rough red brick walls. It was at the end of the school day and I was thinking of finding my crush before she left. I found her at the parent drop off and pickup, we talked but I can’t remember the conversation. Once we were done talking we were about to hug each other but was interrupted by the person she liked saying goodbye, I said goodbye back, but for some weird reason called him the name of one of my karate instructors, I corrected myself as he walked away. Then I turned my attention back to my crush who was smiling, we went back to hugging and I kissed her lightly on the lips, funny thing is she is taller than me so I had to go on my tip toes as I did that but stumbled, she caught me as she was leaning over me in the kiss. I regained my balance and stood back up I ended the kiss, I felt myself blush as she smiled and I ran off in joy and embarrassment saying goodbye to her and my dream ended.

Posted 3 years ago

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