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Last night I had a dream I was biting my nails like usual at a pool wi

I have Blond hair green/ yellow eyes 24 yrs old my name is Crystalynn I also have 2 blond haired blue eyed little girls 1 and 4 yrs old Ashlynn 1 and Scarlett 4. Im also engaged to the girls daddy whos my other half Patrick brown hair blue eyes and our white German shepherd timber wolf dog Buddy. We may be young but were all very happy with lots of friends and family.

Posted 2 years ago

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Interpretation #1

I did not read this properly I thought the tell us more part was about yourself and the other part was where you put the dream. So let me start over since I’m trying to get used to this site. first time user . The dream I had last night was about me and my two girls , Scarlett and Ashlynn we were at a pool where there were a lot of other people swimming it seemed like we were on vacation because my feoncy wasn’t there and there were a lot of men checking me out wich sometimes makes me uncomfortable not that I felt I looked bad because I new I looked bangin it’s just as a mother of two I don’t rly care for unessisary attention. I was laying on a beach chair as the girls laughed and played tanning, then as usual I started chewing on my nails all of em with a dumb smile on my face, then solely focused on my left thumb and kept chewing n chewing until there was alittle nub left and like nothing I bit my thumb off right down to the cuticle the hole tip was gone in my mouth, I stood up and started laughing walking closer to the pool all the men and women were looking at me as the children played and then I spit the tip of my thumb into the water and started laughing like a crazy person as everyone and there moms ran away screaming scared to death. The whole pool and place cleared out as my kids continued playing and laughing as if nothing went on or if it did they found it amusing, I calmly walked back to my beach chair u stepped my bikini and sunbathed topless with a content almost proud smile on my face. Everything clouded out and I woke up. Idk it was just odd I don’t usually have off the wall dreams like that and when I do they bother me to the point I write them down just to get it off my mind, any way hopefully someone can help me figure out where the heck my minds at. Hope I gave enough info

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Answered By: PrissyKitty1990(5 points Novice)

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