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Late for my wedding

I am married but I had a dream about a church wedding and getting married not to my husband. My dream started in a house where everyone was getting ready. I knew I was late because I was already rushing things. In my dream, the wedding will start at 5:30 in the afternoon but it’s already 5 and I haven’t put on my makeup yet. My makeup was horrendous. When I got to the church, I was disappointed that the altar is not yet prepared. The flowers arrived at the same time with me even my wedding bouquet and it wasn’t arranged! I had no choice but to take it. I was given red roses as my bouquet and the flowers for the altar are asiatic lilies. Really big lilies! Arranged in flower holders. There were three, 2 on each sides of the altar and the biggest arrangement was in the center. When I got there, it was the only time they were arranging the altar. I saw my soon-to-be husband was already very disappointed. I walked down the aisle but nobody was paying attention to me so I went to left side of the church and sit with the other guests. I was too shy to go to my groom in the altar. The ceremony already started and I’m still not in the altar. Suddenly, a woman, probably an organizer, went to the front and started giving instructions. She was also disappointed because the wedding was so disorganized. Still, no one was paying attention to me. When I saw my groom was already worried, I asked my mom to walk me to the altar and so she did while holding my hand but instead of taking me to my groom, she went straight to the other guests in the right front seat. I let go of her hand and went to my groom. He was very busy listening to the woman’s instruction and kind of disappointed too and didn’t noticed that I was already beside him. I was so worried that he’s angry at me. I held his hand (it felt real!) and he looked at me surprised. I said, “Sorry, I’m late.” and he just smiled. I saw a very relieved look on his face. The organizer, kept giving instructions and more people came to the altar not to listen but were more like curious to the things in the altar. In my left, I saw them scrutinizing the altar’s table which looked like a flat coffin (I’m not sure anymore). In my mind, I think there was also a wake being held in the church. Probably because of the coffin-like table which I only noticed when I got to the altar. I was also very curious to look what the other people are looking at the table but I just looked away and stayed with my groom. My dream ended when I noticed that my groom was holding a white rosary (the same hand I was holding). In my dream, I felt like I was in love with that person. But in reality, I don’t even know the guy. Please help me interpet my dream. Thank you.

Posted 1 month ago

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