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Looking at my boyfriend through a wall of glass

I keep having a dream that I’m looking at my boyfriend through a wall of glass. In each of the dreams he is talking but I cannot make out what he is saying. It is hard to see him because the glass is foggy or steamy and I can’t wipe it way.

Posted 6 years ago

Interpretations (2)

Interpretation #1

Glass in dreams means there are barriers between you and someone or something. You could be placing a barrier between you and a situation or relationship to protect yourself. It is possible you have some concern about allowing your feelings or emotions to be touched or mishandled. The fact that you cannot hear him in the dream may indicate you feel there is a lack of communication between the two of you.
If glass is cloudy or dirty in a dream this indicates that there are things you are not seeing clearly. The dream is saying to you that you need more clarity about a person or situation. You feel that it is hard to see or understand what is on the other side of the glass. The state of the glass in a dream, whether it is dirty or clear, reflects how well you feel that you understand what is on the other side.

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Answered By: Dreamsolver(24 points Dream Interpreter)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

i dreamt the man ive been dating  was sitting with his back to me ,he could see me come behind him through the  mirror in front of him.He then somehow later in dream took out a ring and proposed marraige to me…and before hand i seemed to have been talking to his dad ,who i never met before..but somehow felt like his dad in dream

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