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Me and my bf had the same nightmare the same night.

last night I had a nightmare that I got shot in my ribs and I had to go to a hospital but it was really a hospital they tried doing some ritual on me but I ran away and as I ran away I became my boyfriend, I was him and I was running then I woke up. in the morning my boyfriend messaged me that he had a nightmare and he dreamt that he got shot but he had taken the bullet for me. we both had a similar nightmare the same night and we both got shot by a gun in our dream. He is in another city and I was at home. So how would we have had the same nightmare? is something doing to happen?

Posted 3 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Think about the term “I would take a bullet for you.”
I don’t think either of you should be scared of this dream. Maybe both of your subconscious’s connected while you were asleep, and his was telling you that he cares about you enough to take a bullet for you if you were in danger, and was just painting a picture of that phrase.

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Answered By: alexwiththeface(6 points Novice)

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