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me, being a ghost unknowingly

it all started with me and my other 3 friends, we we’re heading somewhere until we have a stop to a checkpoint and our motorcycle was caught because of something i dont remember. we talked to the officer to let us go but he realy insist until we have a little fight with him but still we paid the penalty and i remember, my friend left something, i think it was a pineapple, but then the officer insist that he will get it for us then he suddenly throw it on the mud so we suddenly get mad and said awful worda towards him and he did too. We walked as fast as we can and found ourselves in a comfort room. After a several talk inside, my friends suddenly vanished. So i didnt panic or something, so i went outside and wait, i patiently wait when some ladies went to me and ask something, so i answer there queries, until i came back to the bathroom again. As im about to go, i noticed that i dont have any reflection in the mirror. So i get confused but i thought maybe it was juat a prank or something. I walk back outside and it was already dark and then i meet 2 older ladies, and i can see at their faces that they are realy scared of me. I asked them something, but in their fear they keep shouting and run to their home. And then, i remember myself standing on a bus stop or something, people come without them noticing me except for one familiar face i have seen in that same dream. i ride the last bus and i remember, i ride that bus because i want to talk with someone before i realy go. I was standing at the back of the bus, with the familar person with another girl in his side. Then i told him while crying “please tell him, that im here and i want to talk with him”, so that person approaches him and told him what i said. And when he was about to get up, i woke up and feel that my eyes is in tears. What does this means? -_-

Posted 1 year ago

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