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Me being pregnant and my bestfriend getting married to my ex

I had a dream that I was pregnant, and me and my mother had gotten off the car and walked into the a gas station and I walked towards the back to get some snacks and out of nowhere 4 girls came and started kicking me and beating me up. (The 4 girls used to go to my church and they disliked me very much, they ended up leaving the church.) And when I got up from the floor I was crying and crying and I couldn’t understand why they would do such a thing while I was pregnant (I’m 16 and I am not pregnant) and all of assuden I appear at my best friends house. But it isn’t her house it’s her cousins house, and all of our friends are there gathered around the table playing cards, and I was telling my bestfriend (who is currently in marine basic training) what had happened and I told her the news that I was pregnant and that it was an accident she was kept telling me “it wasnt an accident I know you! That wasn’t no fucking accident!” And I kept telling her that I didn’t mean to get pregnant, and then we end up in a big big back yard and my bestfriend was announcing that her ex my other bestfriend (they have been on and off for a year) broke up with her and they were no longer engaged (they were engaged at one point last year but then they broke up). And I was surprised and sad. But then my ex boyfriend of 10 months shows up and I’m like “what are you doing here” and he says “me and Jessica (my bestfriend) are getting married” and he then hugs my bestfriend by the waist and kisses her and I start crying! And I run to the kitchen. And I see roger (this guy I’m starting to like from my wedingclass) shows up and I’m so happy to see him! And we start talking and laughing and then we walk back outside and sit together and then we become cold and we’re trying to keep warm and I hold his hand, and then he kisses me. Then Jessica (my bestfriend) and Angel (my ex of 10 months) show up and they’re laughing and kissing and I’m no longer upset about them but I am mad, but then Angel sees me with Roger and he gets mad and I tell him to back off and then I wake up. I don’t know what any of this means!!! Me and my ex haven’t talked in months! And we never really got to see each other because he lived so far from me. And My bestfriend once did introduce me to her old guy bestfriend when I first met her and we had dated for 6 months just to find out she had sex with him 1 week before she introduced me to him so me and him could date. But I don’t get my dream!!!

Posted 5 months ago

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