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Me, dying

I have no idea where I was, yet I wasn’t questioning it. I was sitting in a chair with my forearm exposed, as in skin was gone and I could see my muscles and veins. There was one particular vein that had switches connected to the vein. There were about 4 of them on it. That vein was the one that belong to my heart or something. Well this lady comes up to me, as warm and sweet as she looks, starts to turn off the switches. One by one, and I let her do it. I didn’t try to stop her. After she got done turning off the switches, she started to pull the vein out. I could see it and it looked similar to when pulling a piece of spaghetti from your plate. I also didn’t try to stop her. My breathing began to weaken and I now understood why i should’ve stopped her. I quickly panic, and try to start putting the vein back in my arm. I couldn’t, nothing was working. I couldn’t breathe. I finally woke up gasping for air. I regretted so much on letting the women do that to me, I should’ve stopped her..why didn’t I?

Posted 2 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

When I was in a dark place in my life I dreamt that I stepped on a land mine in my back yard and it blew me up and I got blown to pieces through the fence…… I think this dream you are having means deep down inside you feel out of controll in something that you need to have controll in! There is an unhappynesss and insecurity somewhere my advice is to find it and fix it before this dream keep coming back and scaring you more! No I do not think this dream is telling you your going to die! This dream is telling you that your unhappiness and controll is being taken by someone in your life.

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