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Message from Grandma

Hello everyone,

Over a year ago, I had a dream about Grandma who passed away 11 years ago when i was 14. in the dream, she was crying, i asked her why she was sad, and she said it was bcause of my mom. i asked what about mom and she told me how many years my mom had to live, i asked her why is she going to die and she said she is going to have problems with her heart. i woke up crying and feeling a very strong sadness feeling. i never told my mom about this dream because i didn’t want to upset her. 2 weeks ago my mom was hospitlized for 1 night because she felt very the hospital they ran some tests which test your brain and some other blood tests. everythung was ok nothing strange was found. at that point i decided i had to tell mom about my dream. i didn’t tell her how many years my grandma told me she would live because thats an unbearable thought for a person i think…but i told her grandma said she is going to have problems with her heart and she should look after herself. yesterday my mom took her Holter (heart test) test results and found that something with her heart’s electric pulses wasn’t stable. she came home and said to me that grandma was right. i started crying and i couldn’t go 2 sleep. i can’t bare the thought of the other part of what my grandma has said will come true aswell. this isn’t the first time i dream about grandma. but in the other dreams i didnt get such messages.

if anyone had a similar dream or can say somthing about what he thinks i should do or anything else i’d be more than happy to read it.

-Thx for reading!!

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (3)

Interpretation #1

Hi..First thing to remember always is that dreams eXAGGERATE to get one’s attention.  Now Spirit has your attention and your mom’s.  I think you reacted perfectly to the dream and to now finally telling her about the dream.  You followed your instincts and told her when the time was right and when she would listen.  Now…the rest is up to your Mom to take care of her health, eat right and exercise, get proper nutrition so she is here a long time.  The dream is a “wake up call” dream….communicated through you because you were able to receive the message.  If this were my dream, I would be sure to tell my Mom how much I loved her, wanted her to be around a long long time, and participate in encouraging her to get healthy.
..just my thoughts..

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Answered By: TravelLight27(140 points Dream Expert)
Interpretation #2

Hey Travel Light,
thank you so much for reading and interpreting my dream. thanks for your advices aswell!! 
I appriciate it!! <3

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Answered By: liti2901(2 points Novice)
Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

I hate you for showing me that. When I wake up scareming in a cold sweat tonight I will be blaming you. I need to watch some honey badger shit to get my mind off that baby face head.

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