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mine and my daughters dreams about my mom who passed away

I was in a nursing home and my mom was there she looked the same as she did in the hospital after her stroke. She looked at me and told me in the same way she did in the hospital that she loved me. Then the scene changed to a shooting range and someone telling me to watch this guy shoot a target. He shot off all 6 shots from a revolver and I could see the bullet flying through the air in slow motion. He never hit the target. Then I heard someone yell my 4 year old daughters name and I looked over at a white wagon with white sheets and she was on it holding a rifle. I ran to her and jumped in the wagon and grabbed it from her and explained to her how dangerous it was and never to touch one again. while I was doing this the wagon had started moving. Then I was back in the nursing home laying on a bed and I was asking if my mom was ok and looked down on the floor and saw a woman not my mom laying there. I felt horrible for being in the bed and I went to get up and they told me not to worry she had died. I jumped up and then saw my mom walking down a hall carrying something in her hands. I ran to her yelling mom, mom, she turned looked at me and smiled didn’t say anything I said “mom look at you, you can walk now” Then I saw what she had in her hand was a rifle barrel. I said that I told my daughter was ok and she told me “ok mother loves you” like she used to say to me when she was alive . And I woke up. Crying and unable to speak. This is the first dream I’ve had about her since she passed about 3 months ago. My 4 year old daughter said she talked to grandma one night a couple weeks after she passed. My daughter said to me, “grandma woke me, told me that she loved me and said she would always be in my heart. Then she gave me a kiss and a hug and went and stood in the bedroom door and said she had to go ” This was a pretty vivid dream for a 4 year old. And she didn’t say it was a dream. She said she saw her grandma that night. Would like to get some Ideas on these. I just feel like I need to know If there is a message I need to see or if it’s just me missing her. thanks for all your help .

Posted 1 year ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1 by Anonymous

Could just be you working through this enormous loss that you and your family have experienced. Still trying to get closure on the difficult emotions that such an important death brings to the surface.

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