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Murder of my mom, kidnapping of my siblings, fighting

Dream 3-4-15

I was sitting on our couch in my house, with Cooper (my weiner dog) in my lap. Samuel (younger brother) is there, along with Maeve (younger sister, I’m the oldest) and my Mom. I think we are waiting for something to stop, so I go and open the door. I gasp. Outside was warm, but not in a summer warm, but a sickly, humid warm. But its lightly snowing. I look up at the sky and realize there was some sort of hurricane going on. But it was all frozen. It looked like a painting, dark clouds infused with color, and millions of lightning streaks, frozen in time. My mom rushes out and stares in amazement at the sky. I run in, grab her phone and run back outside to snap a picture to show everyone. I focus the camera on the main cloud funnel, with lightning streaks dotting it like a chandelier, and snap a pic. Suddenly, a massive Black Hawk army helicopter comes roaring from behind our house. I see a wicked looking machine gun positioned in the body and nose of it, carefully aiming at my siblings, my mom and I. I stare at it, open-mouthed with shock. ‘WTF IS THIS?’ I thought. A evil looking lady with white, spiky hair and slanted green eyes hops out of the helicopter as it grew closer to the ground, followed by two buff guys, probably her bodyguards or something. She walks toward me, her black leather trench coat billowing around her. ‘She has a pistol strapped to her waist, and a knife on her leg.’ I suddenly think. But I then see a double flash off to the side, her bodyguards have guns. Big ones. Her green eyes were narrowed menacingly, darting here and there. My mom suddenly stepped out from behind me. “Who do you think you are?! Get out of here!” She screams. The woman simply smiles and with a almost unseeable flick of her wrist, one of the bodyguards robotically aims, and fires. I hear my mom fall to the ground. I can faintly hear Maeve screaming behind me, and Samuel yelling for mom to get up, but everything is muffled and fading out. The woman is looking at me, staring, her eyes unwavering. Suddenly, faster then lightning, she lashes out and punches me, hard, in the stomach. I double over, groaning in pain. She strikes out again while I’m down, this time kneeing me in the face. I stagger and almost fall, seeing stars. I see Maeve and Samuel, being carried toward the Black Hawk by the bodyguards. They are screaming my name. Something clicks. I pretend to fall, hitting the ground on my shoulder. The lady grins and steps toward me, about to kick me in the side. I tense, and spring into action. I kick out, getting her in the square of the knee. She yells out and stumbles. All the time I need. I roll out the crouch and sprint towards the helicopter, toward my brother and sister. Everything is in slow motion, and out of the corner of my eye, I see the motionless body of my mom. I push back a sob, because I knew that she’d want me to go for my siblings, because I’m their protector. Thats my job. I tear my gaze away from my moms body, and instead focus on saving my brother and sister, knowing that I am risking my life for theirs. I near the Black Hawk as it starts lifting off the ground, propellers throwing dust and dirt from the street up into the air. I see Samuel and Maeve strapped into a seat, unable to fight back, looking and yelling for me, their older sister. I feel a fierce desire to protect them and tear the bodyguards limb from limb rush through my veins. I leap for the opening in the helicopter, but fall short as fire rips through my shoulder. I hit the ground, dazed as I look up at the helicopter lifting away from me. I look down and see a dark pool of blood blossoming on the shoulder of my t-shirt, and slowly realize I’ve been shot. I remember that white haired woman, and look up to see her standing a ways away, steadily holding that pistol with a smirk on her face. I stagger and fall to the ground. I don’t feel any pain, just an extreme dizziness and being unable to get up. And everything fades into darkness.
-flash forward- Im at a old-ish school. Im in the back of it, sitting in a playground. I’m sitting on the stairs leading up to a slide, looking at the wood chips. There is a parking lot to my left and a few grassy soccer fields to my right. Younger kids are playing everywhere, but I feel out of place. I hear a heavy whirring sound that I can feel vibrating in my chest. I look up as kids start screaming and running and see a distinct large Black Hawk helicopter. I see the familiar face of the white-haired woman, her green eyes locked in a piercing gaze, directed right at me. I slowly get up, wipe the dust off of my jeans, and look up back at her. The helicopter is descending faster now, less than 100 yds from me, and closing in fast. I crack my knuckles, roll my shoulders, and in a strange calm, I smile and start running toward the helicopter. In one smooth motion, I throw myself over a chain-link fence and land on a large garbage box thing (like at school) and without hesitation, crouch and jump into the air as fast and high as I could. I propel myself into the air with inhuman strength. As I am thrown toward the helicopter, I see a flash of fear on the white-haired lady’s face and feel satisfaction that I scared her. Then as I am almost within reach of the Black Hawk, I curl my hand into a fist and bend my arm as I’m flying toward that evil chick. Then I make contact. I punch her in the chest as hard as I could, and she flies back and hits the side of the Black Hawk. I gracefully land inside the helicopter and grab her pistol laying on the floor. I see, out of the corner of my eyes, a bodyguard step out of the cockpit and freeze when he sees me. I raise my arm and shoot him in the forehead, without breaking my eye contact with the white-haired woman. The bodyguard falls and the woman flinches. I walk toward her and bend down until we are nose to nose. I stare into her green eyes for a moment, and for a heartbeat, almost shoot her there and then. But instead I scream into her face “WHY?” and grab her by get throat. She scrabbles at my arms, (apparently im hecka tall. heck yes)
and I walk to the open door of the helicopter. The pilot, (undoubtedly another bodyguard), had noticed the commotion earlier on and had pulled up, so we were high above the school. The woman is yelling as I thrust her into the doorway so shes on the edge. I let go of her and grab her by her coat, making it so if I let go, she falls. I look her in the eyes, and feel a wiry smile touch my lips. I let go, and give her the finger as she falls screaming in anger and fear. I turn, take out the pilot, and gain control of the Black Hawk. As I put the headgear on, I think, “Now time for me to get my brother and sister back.”

Posted 2 years ago

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