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My 6-year old son got hit by a car on a bust highway

I was coming out of a grocery store. It was not any place I recognized, it was more of a country town than we live in. It was on a very busy two lane highway. It looked like a highway from a place we lived 10 years ago but no store exists there. However, the highway is notorious for head-on collisions between cars.

I had a basket full of groceries but I seemed to be alone. As I exited the store there was a lot of women gathered outside near the door. I saw a woman I knew, a mom who I am friendly with from the boys’ school. We chatted for a brief second. I saw some other familiar moms chatting and over heard some gossip about one woman’s neighbor but I couldn’t quite make it out. I was just in the middle of putting two and two together to figure out that the “neighbor” they were talking about was the “friend” I had just greeted and had a few words with.

In the midst of that thought, someone yelled my name and said, “Ethan is hurt!” I looked around and saw a small commotion on the OTHER side of the extremely busy two-lane highway. I ran over, no concern for traffic. I could hear Ethan screaming and crying in obvious pain. He was laying on the side of the road, right on the yellow lane lines. His arms were mangled, but there was no blood, but obviously broken and misshapen.

I was frantic, about to scream and a calm came over me. I knew I had to try to calm Ethan. I got down, rubbed his legs and whispered in his ear to take a breath and try to be calm. He instantly did and all I could hear was his breathing and cars flying passed us.

I looked up and yelled for someone to call 911, and for a group of people to try to stop traffic so we didn’t get hit. I laid down there beside him and just told him everything would be okay and the ambulance was coming to help him and that I wasn’t going to leave him.

They arrived instantly and I was dragged away so they could help him. The last thing I remember was waiting for him to be loaded up and realizing that while I was with him, Ethan never moved and I had this brief moment of terror wondering if he would be paralyzed and thinking I should have asked him to wiggle his toes and then I woke up.

Posted 3 years ago

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