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My Best Guy Friend Hurting Me

I was talking With Michael like any other day. We were at his house. His dad was at work and his mom left to do something saying she would be back in an hour or two. I don’t know how I knew that seeing as to she wasn’t even in the dream. But I just knew.
Anyways, Michael and I were just talking. We were having a legit conversation something that in real life rarely happens. Next thing I realize we got into play fight. At first it was just punching and poking then we were on the floor this time wrestling. He started to tickle me and I was laughing so hard tears were also coming out of my eyes.
He was tickling me for a long time so I somehow managed to get away. I ran out of the TV room laughing and made right followed by another right. I ran down the stairs and next thing I know I’m in a room.
Michael tazers me from behind and I start whacking him. We end up trying to push each other across the room.
I was knocked down to the ground and I stayed there, laughing. I pulled Michael down to and we both were just laughing. Then Michael stopped. He stood up and held out a hand. I took it.
The next thing I realized was he had a tight hold on both of my hands. He started to push me back and I did the same. I fell on the bed and he had me pinned down. He smiled.
We started talking again. Then Michael placed a hand on my knee. I just did what I always do which is shake it off and say that feels weird/funny. Michael just kept on doing it though. I then found out his hands were on my shoulders. He pushed me down.
The next thing I realized, though, was that his mouth was on my neck. He bit me. Then I was unclothed lying down on the bed with my legs tightly shut. I was scared. Michael held on to me as I struggled. I kept asking why and saying this isn’t funny. I couldn’t fully get away from him.
Michael just kept going not caring what I wanted.
Then he entered. I screamed and started crying. I couldn’t believe that my friend, one of the only ones I would trust with my life, stole my virginity.
I kept screaming and begging. He slapped me a few times. I was aching all over. His hands buried into my hips. I woke up before the dream was done.
The last thing I remember before waking up was looking into Michaels eyes. I don’t know why, but when I think about it, they’re the main thing I see.
I do know this for a fact. A disturbing fact. Michael was still Rapping me when I woke up! Not like, he was in my room. But in the dream. Right before I gave up.

Michael and I can be considered as close friends. But that’s not entirely true. We used to fight a lot before summer came. Then we just stopped talking. But we’re cool now the only thing wrong is this dream. We have sort of what you would call a love hate relationship. He can be an intimidating person. But that never bothers me.
I just want to know why I would have a dream about getting raped and why my friend was the one doing it. It doesn’t make sense in my mind, but I hope someone could help me out. I love this guy to death, not in that way. I don’t have any attraction to him once so ever.

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

My old best friend sounds alot like Michael. This happened to me in real life though. I had a few dreams that it was going to happen but I never thought much of it. One day we were just talking and then we started wrestling. The next thing I know, he was on top of me trying to “pleasure” me. It was very awkward but I kicked him and got away. I guess what I shouldve done once I had the dream, qas talk to him about it. See if he has any stronger feeling rowards you just to clear the air. I wish I wouldve been smart enough to talk it out first because he had feelings for me, and I had no idea. I hope this helps.

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Answered By: nicoha(3 points Novice)

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