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my best guy was on the path to become my boyfriend?

bgf- best guy friend
So the school is being renovated and one of the renovators makes some kind of leak so the bus riders all have to stay after and his younger brother was sick so its me and bgf. And were hanging out, at one point we go inside and he fucks something up so the school like lowkey falls apart and were sitting on the porch and we talk and make jokes and stuff and hes like super touchy feely and hes poking me and stuff and then the staff people ig call for last bus and we walk up to get my stuff from a table in another building and im getting my stuff together and hes behind me and then he puts his arms around my waist and pulls me into him and he starts telling me that he had a lot of fun and then he like nuzzles into my neck and tells me he doesnt want me to leave and then i interlock our fingers and i tell him that i have to go and then we hear a bus pull up so i pull away and yell a bye but when i get outside the bus is being waved off and so i ask if theres anymore busses and the woman says yeah but its gonna be a while so i go to turn back to bgf when i see my dad and i dont say hi or anything i just go back to BGF and let him wrap his arms around my waist again with my back to his chest and then he interlocks our fingers again and my dad steps up like he wants to talk and then i wake up

some backstory as to why im so freaked out about this – he likes my best friend, we used to like each other but we never went out bc first there was another girl and i was a freshman about to be sophmore at the point and the other girl was in his grade (hes a year older than me) and then he dated a girl that tried to ruin my life. me and bgf had a long talk and worked everything out and weve been behaving like normal friends are supposed to but im afraid this dream means im never gonna be able to move on

Posted 4 months ago

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