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my bf of a year cheating again

Me and my nd have been together a year now, we also currently live together and we have a steady relationship. He’s told me he doesn’t cheat,he doesn’t look at other women, and he say doesn’t like sharing his partner in bed. I trust him nothing’s happened that I know of but I had 2 bad dreams about him doing it….
First dream: I remember we went to a party and while I was going around talking to people he disappeared for a when. We then met up to go home. And I asked him where he went and he just said ” I just got laid by two chicks” then I started freaking out on him and woke up crying

Second dream: (just last night) we said that we are going to just hang out with someone of the opposite sex for a night. So we did we got together the next day so see how things went. He asked me how things went and I said foot but nothing happened between us. Then I asked about him and he said with a pause it was Okay we ended up doing something I asked like what. He said we ended up having sex. I knew the girl he went on a date with too, it was an ex Co worker. I got mad and told him it’s over. Felt really upset but not enough to cry in real life….

Please help me out. I told him before that I had the one dream but it didn’t feel too assuring and I don’t want to confront him about him cheating cuz if he hasn’t he’ll think I don’t trust/ believe in him.

Posted 4 years ago

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