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my boss

The first dream about him is that we we’re riding in his car when we met an accident where i was the one balancing the car with my strength while helping my boss from falling..i was shouting and encouraging him that he can do that..
The second is i dreamed about him entering our workplace with only bath towel covering below and as he passed by the towel fell and i saw his butt while wondering what’s going on so i went to his wife to tell what happened.
Third, i dreamed that i was the cashier and i did all my best, the multi-tasking way but i was dismayed because my boss was very angry to me in that dream.
Lastly, i dreamed twice that my boss’ and i are always crossing our paths..that i was even following him and he also follows me wherever i go in my dreams..
What do these means? Actually, just this year, i totally fell in love with my boss, we we’re both married and has children already but my lovelife is at this falling peak due to problems..but i do not know the situation of my boss’ lovelife- i guess they’re okay..I always feel happy, excited and nervous upon seeing my boss but i always tried to act normally as a respect but i often stare at him secretly, and i have noticed that he always open up a conversation even the simpliest one, that we enjoyed being together..
Thankyou and i hope many will give an interpretation of those dreams of mine, good or bad..

Posted 1 year ago

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