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my boyfriend and his ex girlfriend

I dreamed that my boyfriend of 3years went to pick up his ex girl friend who he dated for 3years and brought her home. she put her bag in our bedroom and came in and out of the room as she please, SHE EVEN COOKED! Both her and my boyfriend acted normal like nothing unusual is happening. woke up before could ask him going on. please tell me what it means.

Posted 5 years ago

Interpretations (5)

Interpretation #1

The dream means that you need to be very careful with the relationship as things may take a surprising turn. Your boyfriend may not bring back her ex but there are sure to be a lot of surprises some of which may not be pleasant too. So, the dream is urging you to be prepared for a few problems. You need to set the priorities right and try to find where the relationship is heading. So, try to analyze the feelings that you have. Make sure to stick by the trouble times, if you truly love your boyfriend and you want a happily ever after.

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Answered By: mukuljain(674 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

thank you, will keep in mind all you have said. thank u very much :)

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

When interpreting a dream/nightmare where it ends is key to solving the unconscious code. Also your emotions throughout the dream, you haven’t provided much background either but at a guess I imagine there’s some issue in your real life that you have been in denial of and/or avoiding asking that question “what is going on” I could interpret further if I knew how your real daytime life was with your boyfriend and what your emotions were within the dream, was it a dream or more of a nightmare? Were u there or observing from the outside?? Were you upset, indifferent, angry, frustrated, relieved??

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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

Ok so last night I had a dream about my boyfriend and his ex girlfriend I was there but it was like I was invisible they were riding bikes together and he was holding her and it was just back and forth past my house and I woke up right after that I really would like to know what that means

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Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

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