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My boyfriend and his ex wife.

There were two dreams. The first, i left my boyfriend in a room with a women to see what hed do. I watched through a window as the women seduced him like i thought she would. So he slept with her. It was so upetting, i had the feeling of ,”I knew it!” It freaked me out so bad that i woke up.
later I dreamt we were in a home, and his ex wife showed up, she was ranting and acting weird. They were bikering about their relationship, and he was bitter and accused her of never loving him and not liking the ring he got her. Eventually she left. I just watched their interactions as I held our baby. I was really annoyed and hurt. Neither of them acknowledged me. Eventually she left. But later came back. I saw she had a gun, and it went off and saw a splat of blood, I was running to the bedroom. Idk if she shot herself or her hand or shot at me. I told my bf, he snuck out of the room as if he was going to jump her and take the gun. I ran to the back bedroom where our kidswere and locked the door. Then I heard my bf’s voice, it sounded really scared. “No, Babe, no!”
So I ran out of the room to save him, because my initial thought was, shes going to kill him. I cant loose him. But then I woke up.
But then I thought after i woke up, what if he had just discovered her body because she did shoot herself? And that’s why he said “no babe no!”. I wish I knew what happened.
A little history on me and my bf. He was married to his ex for 3 years. They were married the first year they were together and have a daughter together. We met almost one year after they separted, she cheated, he filed for divorce. We met on a date site. We broke up twice in the first couple of months dating because he wasn’t ready for a commitment and was still talking to other girls. Eventually he realized he loved me and wanted just me. We’ve been together 3 years now. We’ve been living together 2 years and have a 1 yr old daughter together. Maybe I still have hang ups about how we got together. And his indecisiveness. Maybe I’m jealous because he married his ex so fast but we’ve been together 3 years, are happy, but never even discussed marriage. Anyway. Idk what those dreams mean, or what they mean about me and my relationship.

Posted 2 months ago

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