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My camp leader shot me!

I was at a yard sale in the bottom of a church. My whole family was there buying and selling items. When or some reason my mother had to go to the post office. So we both got into a sliver car and drove to the post office. Once there we both went inside my mom received her package while I debated whether or not to buy a drink from the vending machine from the money I somehow made at the church. I saw my mom was taking a bit, when my old camp leader walked in, she looked like she always did with her hair sprayed in a stiff bob and a smudged lip stick across her bottom lip, and she had that glare in her eyes like one that could kill. Out of the blue I went up to her and we started to chat. And for some reason I asked ‘can you say hi to harry for me?’ I didn’t even know who harry was. At that point my camp leader glared at me and went away. I saw my mother leaving so I went along I was almost in the car when I realised I forgot to get a drink, so I went back in and on the way I stopped and looked on the sign that read post office. Over top of it said ‘I won’t get raped, I’m near a post office’ in graffito and as so as I looked away I saw her come out of the door and ire the first shot at my torso. It missed. But hoping she would only fire once I played possum, she fired again this one hit. Blood circled around me.
“Oh that made a big mess” she snickered.
She then bent down and places the gun in my hand and shot my arm. Finally she took the gun and fired it at my head, somehow it only skimmed it. But I still played dead.
“That’ll teach harry.” She said as she walked away.
Some part of me new I wasn’t dead or dying just wounded.

Posted 4 years ago

Interpretations (1)

Interpretation #1

As you find yourself at different scenes involved in different things and the scenes do not really gel well with each other, yet they seem to be related signifies that you have made a mess of a lot of things. You are probably juggling too many things together. You have to sort out your problems and find out how to keep things manageable. Trying to do too many things at a time is one of the perfect recipes for failure and messing up everything. So, sort out your priorities and concentrate on a single thing at a time as it will be helpful.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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