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my childs ” Father”

Hi everyone, hope someone can help me to interpret my dreams for the last few years that’s been going on.

Firstly going to tell my story following my dreams.

i got pregnant in middle of matrix year with my ex. we planned to have a child together and he asked me if do pregnant what would i do and i told him i would get an abortion , he was excited, always touching my stomach and said i look pregnant and that made me shy, and he wanted to buy pregnancy test to see if im pregnant or not, so i 3 test (Jun – Aug ) to see if im pregnant or not and all three tests were negative but i felt pregnant and i also knew he never pulled out. and a after a month, on my matrix ball we were waiting for my dad to pick us up, i told him again that i think i am pregnant and he asked me if i am pregnant what would i do and i told him i will keep the baby, and he said he is glad i’ve changed my mind. So after a week we broke up and he went back to his ex and said if i turn out to be pregnant, F*** knows what will happen. so a month went by and i turn 18 so i went out to celebrate and a week after i was on the toilet pressing my boobs because it was so sore and i notice milk came out, so i told my sister and she told my aunt and my aunt bought a test and we test me … and the test came back positive on the 5th Oct ’13 , so we told my dad the next day and my dad was calm about it and supportive and we made an appointment with the gynecologist on the 10 Oct ’13.. and it showed i was 12 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

We then let my ex then now i am expecting his child, he said its not his and he wants nothing to do with the child, he also got married the very end of that year, his wife always sended me nasty messages during my pregnancy, created false profile trying to convince me to get my ex to write his child off and if i have been sleeping around, if there is any possibility that it is not his child… and always tried to seem like the victim. the 2 months before my child was born she told my dad to tell e that they are expecting a child. ( she already have 4 children by different men , now one by my daughters father)

she has tried twice to contact me on behalf of him so he can see his child, but they never have money to help me as then my father supported me and my child for a year and a half even when he had his own money problems. My ex knows where i live, and i feel if your really dont have money to fully support your parental responsibilities towards your child, you can at least buy nappies / milk, as you can buy cigarettes & alcohol , just seems logic to me and that how i feel.

to be honest i hated him, especially during my pregnancy. i slept 7 months with my sister cause i cried every night. i hated him, and after two years i could have forgive him and set him free.
do i still love him, YES
do i care for him? Yes
do i want him back? im not sure.

my daughter knows about him, she is 3 yeas, her name is Cleonique, i have a picture of me and her dad om my matrix ball and i told her this is your dad, your dads name, she sometimes ask where my dad is and i tell her he is with a new family.

My dreams:

Most of the times i dream he cames around my house and ask to see my daughter and he tries to get back together with me.

then last night i dreamt we were in a unfamiliar place and he was there and i recognised him, and i went up to him and he couldn’t look me in the eye and took his face in my hand to bring his head up to look him in the eyes and that moment it felt so real when i looked into his blue green eyes, it was red and watery. i wanted to cry and he just kept on telling me please dont bring her( my daughter ) near me, he was crying. and eventually he allowed her near him after i had words with him and later that night we made up.

it bothers me at times dreaming about him wanting to see his child and then not and he wanting to make things right and then not.

what hurts the most is when i look at my daughter and i see him.

Can anyone please help me?

Kind Regards

Posted 2 months ago

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