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My current boyfriend and ex boyfriend

I was watching tv with my current boyfriend on one side and my ex boyfriend on the other, I put my head on my exes shoulder and he put his head on mine, I saw that my current boyfriend had seen this but I didnt care. Later I was standing in front of the mirror and my current boyfriend came up behind me and took a bit of my clothing off and walked away, my ex came and picked me up and threw me on the bed, nothing sexual happened. I was joking with my ex and then I said I was going for a smoke, on the way I saw my current boyfriend in the shower, he was looking at me upset and I waited until he looked away so I could leave without feeling bad and then I woke up. Ive had another dream in the past about my ex confessing his feelings for me and us kissing. My ex was never open with his feelings while we were together and he became something that I couldnt have and I wanted him more, Im really confused because I love my boyfriend very much but I always think about my ex during the day and before bed so I dont know how Ifeel about my ex and I dont want to continue with someone if Im meant to be with someone else but what I had with my ex doesnt even come close to what I have with my bf.

Posted 4 years ago

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Interpretation #1

Sometimes we “remember” things differently then what is “reality”. We tend to fantasize about what used to be and forget how it really was. Maybe you’re missing something from this relationship that you had in your previous and that keeps you holding on. But if you admittedly have a better relationship with your current bf then don’t throw that away. Figure out what it is that keeps you holding onto your ex and either confront it or make peace with it. Closure is always a must to free yourself from doubt.

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Answered By: Frustwithtrust(4 points Novice)

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