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My daughter was hit by a car

I just awoke from a dream in which my youngest of my three, my one and a half year old daughter, was ran over by a car.
In waking life she is a very strong-willed and precocious child, who often likes to step foot into the quite neighborhood road in front of our home and be chased and snatched up out of the street.
In my dream, I was overwhelmed. I had a couple guests then an unexpected visit from a neighbor and what I assume was their lawyer accusing us of having wires hooked up to their home leading to ours (we have only been in this home a month). I go outside to investigate the claims and my daughter, as always, follows me outside. While I chat with the neighbor on the side of the road, she steps into the road. A car comes flying around the corner but stops right next to her. The man driving had his window down and he was about 3 feet away from her, positioned parallel, not as if he was going to hit her head on. As I was still busy, I motioned and vocalized to the man that he could continue driving slowly since my daughter was not in the way. I assume his wheels were still turned as when he began forward again, my daughter was knocked down by the side of his car in such a way that her whole body ended up underneath and her leg was ran over by the wheel. After he passed, I rushed over and picked up my baby and ran inside. She had a few scrapes and tire marks on her leg but was otherwise fine. I felt guilty for telling the man to continue without moving my child first but I was incredibly humbled by God’s grace and mercy as He spared her life that all I could do was sob uncontrollably. I remember looking up towards the end of my dream and seeing my oldest son (who’s almost 7) sobbing as well as he walked towards me (I assumed it was because he saw me crying but I woke myself up from all of the agony before I could talk with him).

Posted 7 months ago

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