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My dead grandmother

I had a dream that my maternal grandmother passed away and her wooden coffin was laid just outside the front door of the home I live in with my parents and brother. I have never met my maternal grandmother because she passed away many, many years ago when my mother was only 12 years old. I didn’t see my grandmother’s face in the dream, but somehow I knew it was her in the coffin. In the dream, somehow I was an important person in charge of some ritual related to her funeral/burial, but I was not familiar with the ritual. I was so emotional the whole dream, I was trying so hard to hold back my tears that I could feel a large lump in my throat/chest area because it was hard to breathe, even physically in real life. Somehow I had to be the strong person in the funeral rites, but I didn’t know why. My mother was not crying, so somehow I didn’t want to make the situation more emotional I think. My mother was beside the coffin, and asked me to lay my hands on the coffin while she held me so that we could pray together. She said that it was important that I was the one who carried out this ritual because I’m the eldest daughter from our family (I’m the only daughter in reality, youngest child after my brother). Apparently my aunts and female cousins have done a similar ritual and now it’s our family’s turn to do this. While praying, I ended up crying really hard, somehow after that I was laying next to the coffin or with my grandmother, crying and mourning for her death. I was so sad that my mother had lost her because I know how dear my grandmother is to my mother, and yet my mother was still keeping her cool. I woke up suddenly, still sobbing hard with tears all over my face. It felt so real that it took me a while to remember that actually my maternal grandmother passed away 45 years ago, way before I was born. I don’t know why I could have suddenly dreamt of my grandmother and why I was very emotionally involved in something that has happened a long time ago.

Posted 5 months ago

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