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My dead grandmother

Last night I dreamt about my dead grandmother she passed away about two years ago. I was very close to her. In my dream we were living at her old house and we were sitting in her living room. She was sitting in a very beautiful gold chair and I was sitting in a simple chair. In my dream I asked her what heaven was like and she told me it was very beautiful and peaceful. I asked her why she left me and my family she told me that she did not want to but she had too. Being curious I asked her what she was in my dream she told me that she was very proud of me for what I was doing in my life I just started college in June she also told me that no matter how stressed I am do not give up on life. She started crying in my dream and I asked her why she was crying she said it was because she missed me so much. She asked me to go to her bathroom and get her some tissue to wipe her eyes. somehow in my dream I knew if I wouldve left her she was going to disappear I told her I love you grandma she said I love you too mija. I went to get her the tissue and when I came back she was gone. In my dream I ran to my Aunt and told her what happened and she didnt believe me. What could my dream have meant I am really curious to know?

Posted 4 years ago

Interpretations (9)

Interpretation #1

Sometimes, the dead find a way of coming back to you to let you know how much you mean to them. The fact that you saw your dead grandma and the way she was telling you that she was proud of you hints that she wants to let you know that despite the fact that she is no more she will always be watching for you. Hence, this dream is an indication that you need to believe in things. Even if your grand mother is no longer alive, she would love to see you happy and is urging you to move on with your life.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)
Interpretation #2 by Anonymous

Your grandma actually contacted you ❤️

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Interpretation #3 by Anonymous

I’ve dream of my deceased grandmother. In that dream my siblings and I were given another chance to see her before she died. It was like a time travel, I even asked my brother if this was going to happen since in that dream I don’t believe such thing would happen and there in this house we saw our grandmother as she was like before. On the next day all of us in the room was aware that the chance that was given to us already expired and we all knew that what we’re seeing in the bed was her spirit lying. When she woke up my siblings ran as they were all scared of her, it was only me who stayed and watched her as she approached me slowly. She suddenly placed her forehead on my forehead and right then and there I burst into tears but the feeling was different it was not made out of fear, I cried because I miss her so much. I was about to hugged her when suddenly I woke up.

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Interpretation #4 by Anonymous

I had a dream last night about my dead grandmother. We weren’t very close, but it was very strange. I took a bus to get to her apartment. I called her to let her know that I was coming and she said no. I asked why and she told me to go home, this isn’t a good time. As I waited to get into her apartment building. I asked a man coming out about her. He told me she went crazy after many of her children passed away. And I asked if he would let me in. He said to be careful and to call for help if needed. So I walked along but when I got inside it didn’t look like her home it looked like a nursing home/ psych ward. I walk down and I spot my grandmother sitting on her bed looking out of her window. I walk over and said hi grandma! She looked at me with her eyes full of tears and says you’re so beautiful, telling me she is so proud of what I have become. Telling me she loved me. and than started telling me that I would find a man with all of these characteristics. ( I recently broke up with my boyfriend of a year and a half a little freaky.) and she was like oh I can see him now. And I started crying telling her about my break up. And she said don’t waste your time dwelling over him. And than she got weird and really sad. told me that many of her children have passed away and that she is so sad and miserable. And that her cancer drains her. And she told me she no longer wanted to live. And than I woke up. This is the craziest dream I’ve ever had.

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Interpretation #5 by Anonymous

I also lost my grandma about two years ago. He number is still in my as grandma her last name. Last night I had a dream my grandpa called me. Atleast I thought it was grandpa when I said hello it was grandmas voice and she said hey baby how are you. I looked at my phone and thought how is this possible and I said good and who is this. She said grandma how are you I miss you I got scared and yelled who is this isn’t funny then there was static that got louder and louder and louder. And I threw my phone into the windshield with anger as if someone was playing a joke on me. I later met with my mom and told her what happened as I’m still dreaming and she said that she talks to her on occasion in her dreams then I woke up…. I cried thinking why didn’t I tAlk to her I had a chance. You are lucky you saw your grandma your so lucky, If I dream again it will be handled differently.

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Interpretation #6 by Anonymous

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Interpretation #7

I lost my grandmother when i was 8. I saw her last night in my dream, she looked very young( perfect bright skin) and she was smiling. I asked her what she has done that she looks so young and she told me she has died and lived many times. I was there with my mother. I usually do not remember my dreams, but this one was very clear and first time i see her in my dream.

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Answered By: kkormi(2 points Novice)
Interpretation #8 by Anonymous

Our loved ones in spirit can come to us in our dreams, as well as visit us and pop in to see how we are doing.
We can be with a loved one or ones, as we astral travel at night so when we believe we are having a dream especially one where it is so real that is because we are with that person.

our loved ones come to us to bring us comfort and to let us know they are still living on in the spirit world are well , happy, healthy as we leave our earth plane body behind when we do leave this Earth plane and they are with all their loved ones and pets they thought they may have lost forever.
They know everything that goes on in our lives so they love to tell us how proud they are of us with any success or achievements we have done for ourselves, they know when we are getting married, engaged, they know when we are expecting a baby and when we are giving birth, they know when it is our birthday and they pop in to help us celebrate with their love and presence.
They love to be around children, grandchildren, they never got to meet or their own children if they passed over before their child was born, our loved ones do not miss out on being able to see and help to guide children in the family they watch over us all.

Children are very aware of spirit and you will often notice a child staring in one place for a long time, or over hear them talking to someone who you cant see, it is because children have no fear where an adult may react in fear if seeing a loved one in spirit.

Our loved ones love to be around laughter and they do pop in to play with children in the family they knew or didn’t know if they passed on before they were born they love to see a happy family.
it is not unusual for a child who has never met a family member to be able to show you in a book of photo’s who that person is and name them and have had no knowledge from a family member who they were it has happened in my family with three of my Great Grand children.
We can connect to a loved one in spirit, as it is love that connects us and never dies.
Our loved ones know when we are thinking of them they miss us just as much as we miss them, and we will see all our loved ones again when it is time for us to leave this earth plane..
We never lose our loved ones they are around us and with us in spirit with so much love it is very comforting to know they do visit us when we are asleep and when we are awake if we are aware enough to feel their presence.
You may see little flashes of white or blue lights go off in a room if you do just know there is nothing to fear it is one of your loved ones in spirit coming to say hi to you ..
Just know in your heart our loved ones never leave us, they only go on ahead to wait for us they know us straight away when they see us and when we meet it is like we have never been away from them the spirit world is the most beautiful place you could ever imagine beyond words.
I have a son in spirit with my parents, grandparents, and relatives I have lost all waiting to see me again they have popped in many times to let me know they are well and happy living on in the spirit world.
God bless them

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Interpretation #9 by Anonymous

So sweet a dream. The dream was for you only. Pay no attention to those that do not believe you. It’s like them reading your mail. Enjoy the visitation!

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