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My dear deceased dad

Hello I’m new to hear.

I am wanting some advise on what my dreams could mean as they’re really getting me down.

Me and my partner have been trying for a baby for 10months now and it has started stressing me out.

Anyway cut a long story short I have become very depressed and inconsolable, I feel nothing excites me at the minute and I’m uninterested in everything. Which leads me to believe in depressed I am seeing the dr today.

Any way on tues night I dreamt of my dad who has died, he was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t hear him just his mouth opening, I woke up sweating and my partner said I was swearing and shouting in my sleep.

Weds night I dreamt I was with my sister in law and I found out I was having a baby girl and I would name her Harley then my dad was trying to communicate with me again. I woke up again sweating and talking in my sleep.

Thursday ( yesterday) I was sleeping all day I had no get up and go in me I felt extremely depressed, i was crying for my dad in the morning and when I’d got a bath I just sobbed and missed him terribly, it was like it had all happened again.

When I went to bed I dreamt
I was attending the funeral of my mother who is alive and well, the church was packed full of faces I know and I was again inconsolable it felt very real, then someone which I believe was my sister told me my dad was here and he wanted to see me, and I heard him shouting ” where’s my little girl, where’s my little girl ”

This has really upset me, I’ve cried all morning. My mother has some personal issues which leaves her vunrable some times and I worry deeply for her.

It’s also coming up to 11 years tomorow since my dad has died. Could this be my mind playing tricks on me, or could this be a message I am so confused.

Thank you for reading

Posted 3 hours ago

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