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MY dear dog,Snuggles

In the dream I’m in an unfamiliar neighborhood, and this lady, looks about 20/21,
Walks up to me. And she looks similar to my dog( that’s been dead for two years)
And for some reason I start crying my eyes out and run to buy her,

I ask her. “do you know who I am”
She replied ” I could never forget you”
Now I’m real life my dog snuggles we rescued her from a REALLY bad situation , her ‘owner’ was abusive he gave her food RARELY he left her outside all day and night even if it was thundering or tornado! And I was 4 K used to sing to her even at her old house and sneak her cat kibble Often. And let her
My mom and dad saved her just in time, her “owner” was gonna take her to the woods and shoot her in the head!!! I remember when we first let her inside the house,she picked my face happily! I think she was thanking me. Even now I think about what happened 2 years ago. I was in Texas celebrating a relatives wedding and my grandma called my mom and said snuggles wasn’t doing good, she was vomiting, and pooping all over, so my mom told grandma to put her down. and I didn’t even know while I was partying my dog got urbanized. I woke up joyfully in the morning mom WAS sitting in the couch and told me specifically “last night snuggles died.” I was CRYING for literal months, on the way home I kept saying
when I get home snuggles will be there Alive greeting me I was in total denile.
I still miss her so I just need to.know if that dream of seeing her was real! PLZ help

Posted 3 months ago

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