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My deceased first husband kissed me on the cheek

I had a lucid dream with my deceased first husband. I was feeling that there were a lot of “weird” entities around us and I consciously commanded them to go away and that they were not allowed. Then I clearly heard (did not feel) my late husband kiss me on my cheek.
But I had also had two more interesting dreams: in the first one a few days ago I dreamed that I boarded a private jet with my husband and a friend of mine with her family (whom I have not seen in 7 years). The plane did not take off, the dream was brief, only the boarding process and I woke up when we all sat down.
The second dream I had I was waiting at a bus stop with a friend of mine (who had breast cancer last year but if fine now) and a black stretch limo showed up and stopped in front of me and waited. I knew it was my car but unclear if it was for me only or for both my friend and muself. have a feeling all these three dreams are connected and there is a message I can’t figure out.

Posted 3 years ago

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Interpretation #1

The dreams convey that nothing can take away the presence of your husband. However, you should not live your present life thinking about the wonders of your past life. Yes, you can relive some of the big moments of your past and they are sure to make you feel happy, but ultimately, you need to let him go and start fresh with a new life. If you stay chained to him, you are going to be lost and confused. So, recall the good memories you have shared with him and then move ahead happily waiting to make new memories to hold on to.

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Answered By: Annie(1678 points Unconsciousness Hero)

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